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Equity Investors Network is a group of investors, marketing strategists, management experts and financial wizards. We invest our time, expertise and money in exchange for equity in your business. Our objective is to grow your company explosively and then help you sell it for far more than what it's worth today.

We work with established companies, not startups, so our typical client is a company in business for at least two years, with gross annual sales between $1 - $20 million. Unlike traditional management consulting or marketing consulting firms, we earn most of our compensation as equity rather than fees. This creates a win/win scenario, since we only make money if we're successful at growing your business and making you more money.

Fundamentally, our business model consists of three steps:

  1. Take an equity position in your company
  2. Rapidly grow your sales and profitability
  3. Sell your company within 18 - 24 months

As a business owner, you'll gain access to our state-of-the-art marketing and management systems for little or no out-of-pocket costs. Our approach multiplies your sales while streamlining operations to lower your costs, resulting in a company that's both larger and more profitable.

The final step is to sell the company. Once your business reaches our sales and profitability objectives, we'll shop it to our network of buyers who are willing and able to pay top-dollar for companies that meet their criteria. Not only will you receive years of future cash flow in a single lump-sum payment, but the payout will normally be taxed as a capital gain at 15% rather than ordinary income at 35%.

This is the exact strategy the super-wealthy elite use to build their fortunes. Isn't it time you joined this exclusive club?

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